At Nano System our core principles make us who we are

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Osamu “Sam” Sekine, has witnessed the growth of the printed circuit industry worldwide and understood that change is inevitable in a market driven by technological advances to meet the ever demanding requirements of the consumer marketplace.  The philosophy of Nano System Inc. harnesses advancing change and combines our core principles and values. Our success follows by: putting people first; pursuing technological excellence; and acting with integrity to serve industry, our partners and our employees.  Being a part of Nano System Inc. means being a part of a culture and team dedicated to these core principles, designed for embracing change and market shifts.

Prospectus for Nano System, Inc.

  1. Develop tools to be recognized as the industry standards in the coming 2-3 years

  2. Partner with customers and design tools based on their specifications and applications

  3. Provide a comfortable and safe working environment and develop company culture for employees to be proud working for the company

  4. Maintain a sustainable company and nurture long lasting relationships with customers by providing outstanding customer support